The MPF story

Founded in 2017, MPF is a place-based philanthropic organisation.


The Mornington Peninsula Foundation formed after philanthropic summit;


Speech therapy trial at Crib Point Primary School leads to No Limits, a collaboration between six preschools and primary schools to improve speech and oral language


Dark days of covid but No Limits continued; Housing and family support a constant along the way;


Schools begin to learn about Science of Learning, No Limits is not sustainable, we need a new way forward


First year of Science of Learning
in early adopter schools


All schools are on this journey, family support is integrated with school wellbeing.

With direct input from families, 
young people, educators, community workers, philanthropists, and government we use local insights to address complex issues in new ways.

We’ve identified low oral language and low literacy levels as key drivers of intergenerational disadvantage and currently work with 6 preschools, 8 primary and 2 secondary schools funding them to transition to evidence based high impact teaching. 

We also partner with local community services who provide family and housing support that is integrated with the work in schools. We facilitate collaboration between multiple players in the system.  

With a long term vision, we strategically invest in changing the system by ensuring innovations that work are sustainable.