Small grants


Thank you for your donation.
All donations big and small have such a huge impact on our programs

Port Phillip Estate Meals

Port Phillip Estate provided freshly prepared, delicious meals to Western Port Community Support for their Emergency Relief/Food Program during covid lockdowns when the staff were employed but unable to work. They loved the engagement with community so much that they asked if they could keep doing this during the quieter winter months in the following year.

Sealy Mattresses

Imagine not just having stable housing but a new mattress as
well! The wonderful partnership with Sealy Mattresses has been going for five years. When a client at WPCS is supported into new housing our wonderful case management staff contact Sealy to make an order. One of our donors provides an annual fund to draw from.

The Funky Farm

A day out for children or a therapeutic program, Funky Farm is a
sanctuary for not just the animals but individuals who can do with some time out. Set up for full disability access and engagement, owners Chris and Sammy are dedicated to providing inclusive opportunities for all people. Schools are excited to have opportunities for children to attend.
Brokerage Often a small amount of cash at the right time can make a
disproportionate difference in a person’s life. Like being able to pay the difference in a rent increase while long term negotiations are made resulting in retaining housing rather than being evicted, or paying for a child to have a diagnosis for disability rather than having to wait 12 – 18 months.

Homeground Café

We’re pleased to support the great work of Home Ground, a
youth training café providing on-the-job training and employment pathways for young people on the Peninsula. Home Ground offers a 14 week traineeship where participants (pictured here) learn valuable work and life skills – ie. how to make the best coffee! - and they graduate with industry certificates that support their future employment opportunities.

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